How to Identify Mystery Shopping Scams

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Not all mystery shopping companies are what they seem. The lure of “free shopping” is so appealing that some unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of people keen to become a mystery shopper. Here are some key tell-tale signs to help you to identify fraudulent mystery shopping companies:

  • They ask you to pay to register.
    You should never have to pay to join the books of a mystery shopping company. This is a huge red alarm bell that identifies that you are not dealing with a genuine company.
  • They claim you will make a lot of money in a short time.
    In reality mystery shoppers are paid a small fee for carrying out the work and refunded for expenses incurred up to a capped amount. Any claims of making a lot of money are greatly exaggerated  Most people do mystery shopping as it allows them to eat at restaurants, enjoy overnight hotel stays, and do some shopping, whilst getting paid a small amount for their time.
  • They say they will “guarantee” you work.
    There is never any guarantee of mystery shopping work in your area, or that matches your profile. Assignments are often allocated to mystery shoppers that have a higher score first, so that newer mystery shoppers may not see as much work as those who are more experienced.
  • They email you about “work from home” or “free shopping” jobs.
    If you receive unsolicited email advertising then chances are that you are not dealing with a professional mystery shopping company. Genuine mystery shopping companies typically advertise through word of mouth advertising, and recommendations from friends.

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